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Based on the character from Five Nights at Freddy's 3, this is my second most popular cosplay to date, next to Glamrock Freddy

This suit took around 200~ish hours to build, including  his major overhaul after he was initially completed. 

He stands at a bit over 7 feet with his ears, has animatronic eyes and puppeteered eyelids that work with his moving jaw, and a powerful LED and fog machine in his chest to simulate a busted air compressor.

This suit was also partially sponsored by Coscom Cosplay Supplies who supplied the EVA foam I worked with!

This project had a LOT of different revamps and upgrades, here's a look at went into it!

A small glimpse at the process building the first iteration of his head from custom EVA foam patterns I designed, and also the furring process.

This suit utilized a few different techniques that were new to me, such as corroding iron power to add REAL rust to some of the faux metal parts, aswell as a compact fog machine inside his torso to simulate a broken down air compressor!

After testing the EVA foam head I found that I was unhappy with the final look of it , even though the functionality of the eyelids and corpse head was there.

SO I decided to go back and redo some details!

I ended up redoing the teeth to match his model in FNaF:AR and took out the corpse head to replace with a more detailed corpse mouth.

I was still unhappy with it though, so I decided to go with an entirely new method to make sure his head was of the same quality of his body.


After learning how to model through Blender, I then designed a 3D printable version of Springtrap's head!

Learning to 3D print with budget printers was difficult but I got the hang of it pretty quick, I finished off the eyes and teeth with primer and sanded them down to get a smooth plastic finish on the more detailed parts of the final print.

This final 3D printed version of his head was designed with moving eyelids, animatronic eyes, a moving jaw, AND a corpse mouth underneath the jaw, combining the best features of both of the previous iterations whilst also being more accurate to the original game model!

I also couldn't decide if I wanted Red or Yellow eyes, so I programmed some LEDs to shift through both!

I learned a LOT from this project, in the end I was very happy with the result. 

Although I've retired this suit for now I'm hoping to try my hand again at another more realistic version down the line!

Here's a look at one of my stage performances with the finished suit from when he was still being used!

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