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Glamrock Freddy


Based on the character from the game Five Nights at Freddy's : Security Breach, this suit is my most popular creation and also my largest build yet.

Totaling in at around 1100 hours of work and about $4k in materials and tools, I tried to pull all the stops to build a suit that can rival even Disney's Mascot Characters and bring the character completely to life!

Standing at around 7 feet tall, this suit has functioning animatronics and puppeteerable parts in the Head,  Chest, and Hands.

Because this iteration of Freddy is extremely talkative, I added a voice amp and a custom soundboard with original voice acting for interacting with people at whatever event he's at.

This project also marks my first completely 3D printed suit fully designed fully by on my own.

Here's a small look into my process building him!

At this point I had designed and printed only 1 large scale cosplay piece before (Springtrap's head) so going into this I applied the few things I learned through trial and error with that project. 

I started work on the model on December 19th 2021, as soon as the game model was ripped. 

To get the suit model as accurate as possible I modeled each piece of the shell side by side with the official game model as reference, all the animatronic components were modeled after the shell was finished.

I invested in 3 Ender 5 printers to help speed up the printing process, I learned a LOT about them because they constantly broke down, but now I know most of the problems through and through for future projects!

As each piece finished printing, I went over the individual pieces with Fillers and Primers used for automotives, After primering and filling and sanding each part about 5 times each piece came out smooth enough to my liking.

After about 5 months of just sanding and printing I finally got to the painting stage! 

After getting the colors matched at my local spraypaint shop, I went over all the pieces with 900 grit sandpaper once more and set up the garage to paint.

I ended up going with a slighly darker blue compared to the in-game model with the trade off of having UV reactive facepaint similar to the opening shot of Security Breach.

After the base colors were down I hand painted each part to add slight bits of withering like the in-game model, mostly tiny paint chips around the joints and scratches, after which I coated everything with an automotive grade clearcoat.

Once everything was ready enough to wear I focused on the mechanical aspects of the suit. I went with finishing the puppeteer first, putting together the jaw first by assembling the helmet and jaw-piece that moves the suit jaw when I move my jaw, then assembled the pullley systems in the fingers that allow them to move when I move my fingers.

To power the eyes and eyelids I programmed an Arduino to replicate his idle eye movements as seen in-game, assembled everything and put in multicolor LEDs to change between the default yellowish white to purple or bright blue, and installed the ears on springs so they bounce around similar to how they do in the game!

To add my own spin to the character I decided to add a "metal plate" build from foam into the chest hatch with a Speaker, compartment for extra parts, and holder to give away my business cards I designed to stay in theme! 

The hatch itself is also running with Arduino, with a hidden button in my hand to open and close it at will.

7 months later Freddy is finally done and ready to rock and roll! So far he's ammassed over 35 million views over my social medias and YouTube!

I currently have more public appearances planned aswell as cons, but there is more secret projects he is a part of that I can't reveal yet!

I'm planning to do gradual upgrades and paint details to mimic his shattered form, so stay tuned for updates on this suit.

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