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The Yellow Rabbit


Based on the character from Five Nights at Freddy's (the movie) this build took around 2 months of on and off work- at the point I had got into building it I had been in a bit of a hiatus from my own cosplay builds due to focusing mainly on work with Steel Wool Studios.

I wanted to do something a bit different than my usual cosplay builds and try to recreate a screen accurate version of the Yellow Rabbit character from the FNaF movie!

I modeled the head myself based on reference images from both the movie and behind the scenes photos- that whole process took around 2 weeks on its own to get to a point of accuracy I was happy with!

The body was patterned by hand from a scale model of each of the parts and then blown up to scale and cut from EVA foam- I had to do a LOT of sanding around the edges of each piece to get it to have those nice beveled edges seen in the screen used suit!

Each of the "burn" marks were also dremeled out of the foam and then covered in rubber- I also created some squishy fleshy bits of rubber from a mold I made for the holes in arms and chest for extra depth!

For the fabric I had looked around for a similar fleece to the movie used one- ended up having to dye all 14 yards of fabric by hand to get a color I was happy with BUT I am VERY happy with the final fabric textures and colors!! 

Hands were also made from EVA foam- in the movie they look really nice and smooth so trying to get that similar effect was my goal. I used a rubber filler over the foam hands and fingers then airbrushed over it all with the correct colors and withering- they ended up being my favorite part of this suit due to how accurate they turned out!

Of course with all my cosplays I need to have SOME kind of interactive element- so I created a dynamic lighting system with the eyes that changes whenever the head is on or off!

3 different animations can play- a startup animation for when the head is put on a wearer, a slow throb effect when kept on to indicate breathing, and a glitching/flickering effect when the head is taken off!

This suit has also been used for some officially sanctioned events while being an unofficial build, I recently did a photoshoot with Cloak Brand for their new FNaF Clothing drop and YouTooz for their FNaF Movie Figure line! 

I plan to wear this suit to cons throughout the year and into next year, I'm pleased with how accurate it came out!!

Comparison with a behind the scenes shot of the screen used suit!


Cloak Brand Shoot and YouTooz Promo!

Have a look at the reveal video I made for the suit- filmed at Game Nest Arcade here in Las Vegas!

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