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Twisted Freddy


Based on the character from Five Nights at Freddy's book "The Twisted Ones", I consider this the most ambitious build I had ever done at the time, I was 15 and had only done 2 fursuit type builds previously so the jump to a 9 foot animatronic robot/monster build was a crazy idea- but I managed to do it in about 7 months!


This build was inspired by the promotional art for the book but I ended up going a bit on my own path with certain design choices- Standing at around 9 feet tall this build had a set of animatronic eyes, animatronic mouth that moved with live voice input, voice amplifier, fluorescent paint, and multiple sets of lights spread about the costume!

Built from mostly Polyfoam, I also learned to work with fiberglass to harden certain areas around the mouth, feet, and torso. I had also learned airbrushing for the first time with this build- my dad had given me a good amount of guidance on shading and it really helped the gross bits pop!

This build managed to win 5 best in show awards during it's lifespan- 3 of which being from some of the largest comic cons in Texas!

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