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Creative Conquest FNaF Builds


In 2020 I was contacted by Creative Conquest and ParkerGames to build some Five Nights at Freddy's suits for their use in their YouTube content.

After a bit of planning, I made a trip down to their offices in South Texas to begin production on a series of videos and build some new suits to be used in them!

Initially only Springtrap V.1 and Twisted Freddy were to be used in the project, but as the scope for the project got bigger we ended up deciding suits of Bonnie, Foxy, and an original character to be built for ParkerGames for use in the production.

I had the honor of creating the original character, which became Gordy the Gorilla!

The suits built were Bonnie, Foxy, and Gordy. They all have posable eyes that are interchangeable and moveable with removeable eyelids, as well as jaw mechanisms to allow them to move their jaws .

They all stand from around 6-7 feet tall when worn, Bonnie being around 8 feet with his ears.

During the two months building these suits, I also had the opportunity to work with the team of writers on the script for the videos, make some concept art, and help with pre-production on most of the fronts!


Sadly the original project everything was built for was cancelled, but Bonnie and Foxy can still be seen in Parker's videos from time to time! 

They have a central role in the first video of his series Parker's Place! 

Here's a look at some behind the scenes of what I worked on!

Once we had an idea of story and a timeline for filming I was tasked with designing the new animatronic suits to be built.

I decided the animatronics should be designed to be close to the game counterparts but with subtle- more realistic twists in certain areas.

To be able to run around and get jostled during certain scenes I made sure to build them all from soft Polyfoam,  this process from patterning to furring took around a week, Bonnie and Foxy's head taking around 2 days on their own since they needed to be sculpted from foam blocks by hand!

After the bases started coming together Gordy was greenlit to be built and entered production alongside Bonnie and Foxy!

I had the help of two other local cosplayers after I built the main bases on my own, this is when the furring stage was entered! We managed to finish patterning and furring in about a week!

While Bonnie and Gordy were rather easy to fur, Foxy had metal parts exposed in his design, so before we added his fur, I built the joints for the legs and once they were all painted and shiny we finished the furring on the three!

We also did a lot of test fittings on the actors at this point which was very fun and exciting to see everything come together so fast!

Next in the process I started hand painting withering details on the furred parts to make them look like they're just a little bit aged and dirty.

It was also at this point I started adding in the mechanisms for the moving jaws and the eyes and their sockets.

Foxy of course took the longest, as with his suit we decided to make him all rusty! After the rust was all hand  painted and detailed it was sealed in we were finally ready to do test runs on both Bonnie and Foxy!

It was by this point that the project was abruptly cancelled, Luckily the suits were already almost done, so I added final touches and attached all the body parts together and did one final shoot!

Though we never got to get a good finished shoot of Gordy all together, we managed to get some good photos of Foxy and Bonnie!

Although the original project the suits were for never saw the light of day, they still live on with Parker Coppins! They can be seen in a few of his vlogs and sometimes cameo in some of his other videos.

This whole experience marked my first time working on a production scale project and I  learned a ton from a bunch of super talented people on the Creative Conquest team! I hope to have another opportunity to work with ParkerGames again in the future! 

Unused Character Blueprints
drawn by yours truly!

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